Workforce & Talent


Among North Bay's many advantages is its readily available, highly skilled and educated workforce. Over 80% of North Bay's populations, 15 years of age and over, achieved high school diplomas and 56% have graduated from a trade school, technical college or university. 

To maintain and build on this workforce, industry and educational partnerships are commonly formed and customized programs are established to find innovative solutions and meet specific industry needs. 


"Our company has been operating in the City of North Bay for over 54 years. The plant is ~400k sq feet and truly is 4 different production processes to manufacture our product, with a 5th process in Quebec. The availability of a skilled workforce, often educated at the local post-secondary institutions, is extremely valuable. Being part of a smaller community in the north, we are able to access support from both municipal and provincial governments and live in a beautiful waterfront City with all the amenities required to not only keep employees and their families, but provide a wonderful lifestyle. It is all about values, which this community has."

Dave May, Site Director

Fabrene, Berry Global