10 Reasons to Invest In North Bay

1. Low operating costs

Site Selection Canada ranks North Bay in the top 20 best investment locations. Read the full story here.

North Bay City Council has reduced industrial taxes by 66% to one of the lowest levels in Ontario and eliminated Industrial Development charges. North Bay has one of the lowest industrial tax rates in Ontario. 

2. Highly trained and readily available workforce
Top rated post-secondary education institutions attract talent from across the globe. 86.6% of Canadore College students find employment in their field within six months of graduation, and 86.9% of Nipissing University students find employment within six months of graduation. 

3. Attractive incentive programs

The Growth Community Incentive Program is designed to help grow the community through city wide programming for industrial development and targeted intensification for housing and downtown waterfront commercial projects with a number of financial incentives. 


4. Strategic location
Located at the crossroads of two TransCanada highways (Hwy 11&17), North Bay is a short 3-hour drive from Toronto, 3.5-hours from Ottawa. North Bay's well connected rail, road, air and telecommunication infrastructure further secures its strategic location.

5. No industrial development charges
North Bay's pro-active business City Council has eliminated industrial development charges and implemented a 20 year commercial tax reduction strategy.

6. Streamlined development process
To expedite the development process, the City has created the Development Application Review Team (DART). The DART reviews proposals and provides feedback prior to applicants entering into a Site Plan Control Agreement or undertaking a Planning Act application.

7. Longest runway in Northern Ontario
The North Bay Jack Garland Airport is 1 of 15 airports in Canada, and the only airport in Northern Ontario to have a 10,000-foot runway. Advantages for aviation and aerospace companies operating or considering locating in North Bay include:

  • Runway that can accommodate all aircraft types. Generous NEF contours and test corridors.
  • Uncongested air space conducive for flight training. Hassle-free, low cost and convenient alternative to larger centres.
  • Airport operational schedules that can accommodate extended periods of runway use.
  • Facilities and serviced land available for development
  • World-class post secondary education facilities with specialty aviation and aerospace programs. The partnership between Jack Garland and Canadore College means a highly skilled workforce is available, literally on site. Programs include aviation and avionics maintenance, structural repair technology, and rotary wing pilot training.
  • New and existing companies are eligible for generous financial support, including wage subsidies, R&D grants, and our new Growth Community Incentive Program, which provides a combination of financial incentives. 

8. Industry led post-secondary research & training
Canadore College's Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (iCAMP) is an example of a 13,300 sq. ft. industry research facility focused on private sector collaboration and technology commercialization.  The Advanced Composite Fabrication Report and Test Centre (ARC-TC) provides industry with access to leading composites technologies and consulting services to assist them with innovative and cost effective research and development.

For more information about  iCAMP please visit their site.


Faculty at Nipissing University are involved in a wide range of research including Indigenous, Environmental and Natural Resources, Human Sciences, Conflict Resolution, Inequality, Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences with an internationally recognized cluster for topology research.

For more information about Nipissing University’s research capabilities, please visit their site.


9. World-class health care
The North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC) provides acute care services to North Bay and its surrounding communities, is the district referral centre providing specialist services for smaller communities in the area, and is the specialized mental health service provider serving all of Northeast Ontario. 

10. The perfect balance

Toronto Storeys ranks North Bay as the most affordable real estate region in Ontario. Read the full story here. 

North Bay’s many amenities and vast natural surroundings provide the perfect balance between city living and outdoor recreation. The city and surrounding area is a haven for a variety of activities - from theatrical performances to mountain biking, North Bay has it all.